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  • Most newborns love bathtime and their mother’s cuddles.
  • The ideal temperature of the water is between 37°C and 38°C. It is not necessary to put the thermometer in the water, it is enough for the mother put her hand in to feel if the water is too warm or too cold.
  • It is not good to bathe your baby for too long.
  • gentle massage for your baby helps develop a relationship with the surrounding world.
  • The best time for bathing is the evening, so the baby relaxes before sleeping.

... enjoy your bathtime!

Gentle cleansing gel
Hair and body

Ideal for milk crust


Ideal for milk crust: protects the delicate balance of the skin.

Polysaccharides : with ultra-nourishing and soothing action .

Neem oil: with moisturizing and antimicrobial action.


Changing your baby’s nappy can be one of the most intimate and happy moments in the daily routine of a mother and her baby, but it is also an important routine from the point of view of hygiene, treatment and prevention. Here are some tips:

  • Choose nappies of good quality and change them frequently.
  • At each nappy change, it is recommended to wash the intimate area with specific products or only with water.
  • It is fundamental to rinse carefully to remove the cleanser and to dry the area thoroughly. It is better to do this with a white cotton towel, in particular in skin folds. Indeed, moisture can cause irritation and redness.
  • Let your baby frolic and play a bit
  • Before putting the nappy on again, apply a cream with PROTECTIVE, moisturizing and soothing action to prevent redness and nappy rash.

Protective Soothing cream

Ideal for changing nappies


Panthenol 5%: high concentration, it exerts a restoring and soothing action on the skin.

Glycerine, Bisabolol and Vitamin E: for a moisturizing and soothing action.

Grape seed oil 10% and sweet almond oil 8%: with emollient and softening properties, which create a protecting film on the skin, protecting it from external aggressions.

Lactic acid: favours pH rebalance of the skin.